Help us create an exciting Summer PD program for YOU!
This summer, we're bringing together an amazing line-up of edtech innovators for the first ever EdTech Innovation Virtual Summit. But before we finalize the agenda, we want to hear from you: what do YOU want to learn?  

Take this 2-minute survey and we'll help you welcome the next school year as a true innovator!
When it comes to education technology, which area are you most interested in?

Which approach or tool are you most excited to try in your classroom in 17/18?

Is there a particular edtech company / app or a speaker you’d like to hear from? Tell us who they are :)
What’s your number one challenge when implementing new tech tools and trends?

How would you rate your comfort / interest in new technologies?

Overall, what's your school leadership team's attitude towards innovative technologies?

What does your ideal summer PD look like?

Please describe any things you like or don't like in a PD session e.g., short 30 min or the whole day; learning from other teachers or known gurus; etc. Anything that can help us design a perfect experience for you:)
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